Waiting, a Transformers G1 fic
soundwave and ravage
Title: Waiting
Universe: G1 AU
Rating: G
Content Advisory: light slash
Characters/Pairing: Blaster, Ravage, Soundave; Blaster/Soundwave
Summary: The war is over and one mech is waiting.
Notes: happy late birthday to iron_valkyrie! hope you like it!

One mech is waitingCollapse )

Here's my fic for this pair:
henkei Soundwave Blaster

Title: Everything Will Change

Author: pl2363

Series: Transformers AU/G1

Rating: T+

Notes: Soundwave has done what he has to in order to survive in a warrior's world, while Blaster wonders if he'll ever find love. Circumstances soon alter their perceptions of the world and what they expect from life.

This story was inspired by several fics. The one influencing the start of this story is 'Imperium in Imperio' by Mirage Shinkiro.

Warnings: I have taken some liberty with the personalities of each main character to add drama and emotional depth the story as well as created my own reasoning behind the cassettes and how they are created and grow, which is not at all cannon.

Title taken from the song "Brand New Colony" by The Postal Service.

I'll Remember, a Transformers G1 fic
Title: I'll Remember
Universe: G1
Prompt: Blaster/Soundwave - "I swore I would be true."
Characters/Pairing: Soundwave/Blaster
Rating: PG13
Warnings: mentions of torture and violence, mech/mech kissing, slash
Notes: I use a couple fandom conventions here, including odd and utterly normal speech patterns for Soundwave and Decepticon interrogators that are torturers instead of hackers. there's also some implied spark-merging, but the smut bunny and the logic bunny decided that i couldn't make that work (as a written piece) in the current context. *shrug* i'm very happy with how this turned out, actually.
Add'l Notes: this is another older piece, from back in 2010. it seemed fitting to post it again here, to celebrate this lovely new community.

pretend it's not 2AM and that there's witty text hereCollapse )

Fire and Screams, a Transformers G1 fic
let's start off with a bang, shall we?

Title: Fire and Screams
Universe: G1
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairing: Blaster/Soundwave
Prompt: Transformers, Soundwave/Blaster: Reassurance - "Everything's gonna be all right. Rock-a-bye. Rock-a-bye."
Summary: The war had always been just a distant news feed. It had never been real.
Warnings: non-graphic descriptions of the Decepticons blitzing a city.
Word Count: 1060
Notes: This fic was originally written for the November 2008 round of springkink. that's been... a bit of time, lol. it's still a fun piece to revisit though, as i explored some concepts here that would become headcanon for later fics.

this is one of my favorite pieces, i thinkCollapse )


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